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Cylinders // 125-150cc

  • CAD$ 80.99 In stock

    Reference: GY27396


    150cc Cylinder kit for all 125/150cc 4 stroke Chinese scooters which use the GY6 157QMI or 152QMI engines. Can be used as a direct replacement for 150cc engines as standard or a performance upgrade to 125cc engines. If fitting to a 125cc scooter then necessary up jetting will be required (approx 10%). Kit is supplied with required top end gaskets, barrel,...

    CAD$ 80.99
    In stock
  • CAD$ 179.99 In stock

    Reference: NK600.52

    Manufacturer: Naraku

    Complete cylinder kit with all gaskets and small parts for fitting. This 150cc Naraku cylinder yields engine performance corresponding to the original cylinder of 150cc GY6 and Kymco AC engines. Thus ideal as an inexpensive replacement for a defective original cylinder. The cylinder kit can also be used to increase the performance of 125cc GY6 and Kymco...

    CAD$ 179.99
    In stock

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