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Ignition // Replacement

Ignition // Coil

  • CAD$ 29.99 In stock

    Reference: NK390.01

    Manufacturer: Naraku

    NARAKU Racing ignition coil with high-end secondary coiling from Japanese tuning KITACO. With this coil, the secondary voltage is almost doubled. The ignition voltage of the original ignition coil is approx. 16,000v. With the "race high tension coil" ignition from KITACO released 31,000v! The advantage lies in the better "translation" of the original...

    CAD$ 29.99
    In stock
  • CAD$ 39.99 In stock

    Reference: MF12.00040

    Manufacturer: Motoforce

    This ignition coil from Motoforce Racing nearly doubles the secondary voltage. The standard ignition voltage of the original ignition coil is around 16,000 V, and with this coil, you can reach a voltage of an amazing 31,000 V! The advantage is that it transforms the primary voltage more effectively. A high ignition voltage ensures a clean ignition at very...

    CAD$ 39.99
    In stock
  • CAD$ 51.99 In stock

    Reference: 0900-1078.10

    Manufacturer: NCY

    Two prong high tension coil. Provides solid and consistent spark and increased ignition power. Fits most GY6 125 and 150cc engines, as well as Honda Ruckus. This also includes the spark plug cap!

    CAD$ 51.99
    In stock
  • CAD$ 16.99 Out of stock

    Reference: IP32532


    Quality aftermarket 2 coil with HT lead. This coil is installed on most 50cc 2-stroke and 50cc/125cc GY6 4-stroke scooters.

    CAD$ 16.99
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    Out of stock
  • CAD$ 92.99 In stock

    Reference: 0900-1075.5

    Manufacturer: NCY

    Bring your scooter to the 21st Century! NCY's Coil-on-Plug ignition system provides 10kV more per spark and optimum timing precision over a conventional HT lead. The build quality on this is second-to-none! Features: Hotter Spark, Cleaner Burns=less smoke (especially 2T), Quicker Acceleration, Higher Top-Speeds and Engine Eye-Candy. Overall, you will see...

    CAD$ 92.99
    In stock

Ignition // CDI

Ignition // Accessories

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items