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  • USD$ 119.99 Out of stock

    Reference: RH-170

    Brand: Ruckhouse

    Professional Crafted front Billet Hub for 4x90 pattern front wheels with Brake Adapter flange, 3 NCY Titanium finish rotor bolt and 3 Stainless bolts to attach Brake disc adapter plate.

    USD$ 119.99
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  • USD$ 39.99 In stock

    Reference: TRS-RCVL32/AL

    Brand: TRS

    Did you know your Ruckus radiator has a nice aluminum finish? Probably not since you can’t see it under the stock cover. Let your radiator shine through with one of our unique radiator covers. These are 6160 aluminum cut sweetness that your ride is calling for. It’s a simple swap out and the contrast really brings a great graphic element to an otherwise...

    USD$ 39.99
    In stock
  • USD$ 137.59 In stock

    Reference: 1000-1320.5

    Brand: NCY

    Rear 10'' wheel rim for Honda scooters. This is the matching pair to our NCY Front End Kits for Honda Ruckus, and it has the correct hub for your stock drum brake on the rear wheel. This rear rim from NCY completes the total custom look of your disc-brake Ruckus.

    USD$ 137.59
    In stock
  • USD$ 15.99 Out of stock

    Reference: SCT-BEF1064

    Brand: Ruckhouse

    We can offer here handlebar bar end mirror F1 Style with stainless steel grab screw for 7/8 standard handlebar. Can be used on left and right side. Attention! Sold individually.

    USD$ 15.99
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  • USD$ 61.59 In stock

    Reference: 1100-1250.10

    Brand: NCY

    High Performance cam for 139QMB engine. Use this camshaft when upgrading cylinder and head to get the most performance from your new 72cc or 82cc kit. Intake Lobe 25.8mm – Exhaust Lobe 25.5mm

    USD$ 61.59
    In stock
  • USD$ 959.99 Out of stock

    Reference: RH-069

    Brand: Ruckhouse

    Ruckhouse Custom 6061 heat treated aircraft grade aluminium wheel set. Several design available! 

    USD$ 959.99
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    Out of stock
  • USD$ 153.59 In stock

    Reference: TRS-CVTCVS/BK

    Brand: TRS

    The TRS VIP Series open CVT drive cover aka anklebiter for the honda get motor. Want the look of the a GY6 ? Is your clutch always running hot and slipping . Helps prolong life of belt and Clutch pads since heat is released. No problems running in rain. This Drive cover is CNC Machined from a solid 6061 Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum with 7 Stainless...

    USD$ 153.59
    In stock
  • USD$ 449.59 Out of stock

    Reference: HL-006

    Brand: Hotlap

    We worked directly with Hotlap to develop EVEN MORE exclusive GY6 options that you cannot get anywhere else; all with that same HotLap quality. These unique design options allow you to select a style best suited for your own bike, and built specifically for the GY6 with the signature HOTLAP quality. Nice deep growl! This pipe is compatible with 150 and...

    USD$ 449.59
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  • USD$ 0.79 In stock

    Reference: 366941

    Brand: Malossi

    High-quality replacement gudgeon pin circlips from Malossi for 10mm and 12mm gudgeon pins. When installing the circlips, please make sure that the groove is clean and the clips are positioned correctly. We recommend inserting the clips with the opening facing the piston's direction of travel and fixing them with a drop of thread glue. Scope of supply: 1...

    USD$ 0.79
    In stock
  • USD$ 11.99 In stock

    Reference: 669417

    Brand: Malossi

    The HAT weights are very durable and self lubricating. Available in a range of sizes such as 16x13 (Polini, Malossi, Peugeot, Kymco, Honda, Piaggio pre 98), 17x12 (Hebo), 15x12 (TopPerformances, Minarelli standard), 17x13.5 (Piaggio Zip/Sfera MK1), 19x15.5 (Piaggio post 98)

    USD$ 11.99
    In stock
  • USD$ 55.99 Product available with different options

    Reference: IRC01-00

    Brand: IRC

    IRC high quality dual-Purpose scooter tires that provide good traction on both street and dirt.

    USD$ 55.99
    Product available with different options
  • USD$ 10.39 In stock

    Reference: SCT-HGPT

    Brand: Pro Taper

    Pro Taper is well known for manufacturing high-quality grips and Handlebar. With the MX design, Protaper now offers a grip in a classical shape. Ideal for all common downhill handlebars as well as all other handlebars.

    USD$ 10.39
    In stock
  • USD$ 7.19 In stock

    Reference: MF55.150

    Brand: Motoforce

    Budget weights by Motoforce, choice of weights. Available in a range of sizes such as 16x13 (Polini, Malossi, Peugeot, Kymco, Honda, Piaggio pre 98), 17x12 (Hebo), 15x12 (TopPerformances, Minarelli standard), 17x13.5 (Piaggio Zip/Sfera MK1), 19x15.5 (Piaggio post 98)

    USD$ 7.19
    In stock
  • USD$ 1.59 Out of stock

    Reference: SCT-GA001


    Replacement reed valve gasket for all Minarelli Horizontal engines. 

    USD$ 1.59
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  • USD$ 4.79 In stock

    Reference: BR8HS-4322

    Brand: NGK

    The thermal grade of the spark-plug is of prime importance with tuning kits; if the wrong grade is used the kit will overheat or the spark-plug will foul. A hotter spark plug transfers more heat to the cyl head, which may lead to piston seizures. The Corsa kit comes with the correct spark-plug, for other kits we recommend the plug listed here. As a rule...

    USD$ 4.79
    In stock
  • USD$ 14.39 In stock

    Reference: STR-522.24/

    Brand: Str8

    These spoilers from Str8 are available in many great colours and can simply be bolted onto the fan covers. Aside from the obvious styling effect, this contributes to better airflow and hence better cooling. Attention! This is a universal part and not all scooter have same fan cover, it's possible that you have to modify your fan cover in order to install...

    USD$ 14.39
    In stock
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